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Service to create web forms that store data directly in Kintone.

  • Want to create an application form on my website.
  • Want to conduct an anonymous survey in the office.
  • Want to get sales staff to register their reports.


Service to create web pages using data on kintone.

  • Want to share information with all employees without incurring licensing costs.
  • Want to create an information page disclosed only to business partners.
  • Want to share graphs created in Kintone externally.


Service to create PDF reports and forms using data on Kintone.

  • Want to batch print the invoices you send every month.
  • Want to nicely print sales reports with graphs.
  • Want to print an application form with a QR code for seminar applicants.

More Convenient Uses

You can build business systems like:

Estimate Preparation System

By combining PrintCreator, a report/form output service, and FormBridge, a web form service, you can build an estimate preparation system that allows business partners to create and download PDF files.

Booking Calendar

By combining FormBridge, a web form service, and kViewer, a web form service, you can build a booking system that allows members to select dates on the calendar and make reservations.

Daily Work Report System

By combining FormBridge, a web form service, and kViewer, an external sharing service, you can build a daily work report system that can be entered by workers using a smartphone, even at sites where computers are not available.

User Page provides secure and centralized access to your business systems.

You can build a portal site to centralize access to the business systems listed above while managing users.

Case Studies

Easily build systems that meet on-site requirements

In the past, it took a lot of time and effort to create a single web form, but now it is easy to create good-looking web forms, and they are used for a wide variety of tasks.

Quickly build a reservation system without coding

The other reservation system we were using didn’t meet our requirements and we needed to either find a new system or build one ourselves. The request came at a time when the deadline was about a month away.

Provide inexpensive service through low-cost operations

In the past, there were multiple departmental points of contact: the call center would respond to the customer, pass that information on to the repair center, and from there the repair person would repair the equipment.